Philip Kim (Harvard University, USA)
Coulomb Drags in Graphene
Hui-Ming Cheng (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
Graphene for High-Performance Lithium Storage
Christiano J. S. de Matos (Mackenzie Presbyterian University, Brazil)
The unusual Raman and optical properties of black phosphorus
Eric J. Heller (Harvard University, USA)
Graphene Light Scattering, Absorption, and Emission
  INVITED – Workshop 1
Bernard Plaçais (Laboratoire Pierre Aigrain - ENS /CNRS, France)
Hyperbolic cooling of graphene Zener-Klein transistors
Justin Song (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
Berry opto-electronics: new tools for engineering light-matter interaction
Klaas-Jan Tielrooij (ICFO - The Institute of Photonic Sciences, Spain)
Out-of-plane heat transfer in Van der Waals stacks
  INVITED – Workshop 4
Aleksandra Radenovic (EPFL – STI/SV - IBI – LBEN, Switzerland)
Single-layer MoS2 nanopores as nanopower generators
  INVITED Industrial Forum
Sanjay Banerjee (The University of Texas at Austin, USA)
Novel Logic and Memory Devices in Graphene
Laurent Baraton (ENGIE, France)
Uses of graphene by an energy utility
Siva Böhm (Talga Advanced Materials GmbH, Germany)
The importance of functionalisation & lateral size of Graphene in Coating & Inks commercialization
Chris Bower (Emberion, Finland)
Graphene-Based High Performance Infrared Photodetectors
Chester Burtt (Grafoid Inc., Canada)
Grafoid: collaboration is the key to graphene’s commercialization
Jos Giesbers (Philips Innovation Services, The Netherlands)
Graphene for MEMs devices
Simone Ligi (GNext s.a.s., Italy)
A different approach to graphene based products industrialization.
Marco Molina (Leonardo Spa, Italy)
Graphene Loop Heat Pipes for Thermal Control in Space Missions
Litao Sun (SEU-FEI Nano-Pico Center, Southeast University, China)
Application of graphene-based composites in environmental protection and its industrialization progress
Florina Truica-Marasescu (ALCERECO, Canada)
Super-hydrophobic graphene-based materials: impact of surface properties on wettability
Rune Wendelbo (Abalonyx, Norway)
Graphene Oxide and Reduced Graphene Oxide, Up-coming Applications
Christian Wenger (IHP Microelectronics, Germany)
Towards Graphene-based heterojunction devices for microelectronic applications
Eric Anglaret (Université de Montpellier, France)
Raman signatures of single layer graphene dispersed in degassed water without additives
Gregory Auton (The University of Manchester, UK)
Graphene Ballistic Rectifiers for THz Rectification
Stéphane Berciaud (Université de Strasbourg, France)
Monitoring deflection, strain and doping in suspended graphene using Raman spectroscopy
Blanca Biel (University of Granada, Spain)
Defects fingerprints in single layer MoS2 by ab initio-based STM and AFM simulations
Carmen Palacios-Berraquero (University of Cambridge, UK)
Layered materials as platforms for quantum technologies
John Parthenios (FORTH/ICE-HT, Greece)
Resolving nanometer-scale variations of doping and strain in single layer MoS2
Yang Su (University of Manchester, UK)
Mass Transport Through 2D Materials Based Membranes
  Workshop 1 - Opto-electronics and Nanophotonics
Lun Dai (Peking University, China)
Ultrasensitive near-infrared photodetectors based on graphene-MoTe2-graphene vertical van der Waals heterostructure
Simone Schuler (TU Wien , Austria)
Gate-controlled graphene pn-junction for integrated photodetection
Tobias Stauber (ICMM-CSIC, Spain)
Superlensing with twisted bilayer graphene
Sanshui Xiao (Technical University of Denmark, Denmark)
Integrated graphene plasmonic waveguide modulators
  Workshop 2 - Biosensors and Medical Applications
Kasturi Muthoosamy (University of Nottingham Malaysia, Malaysia)
Highly biocompatible reduced graphene oxide and its applications in drug delivery and early cancer detection
Hualin Zhan (University of Melbourne, Australia)
Molecular Detection in Liquid by Graphene Hall Measurement
  Workshop 3 - Theory & Simulation
Dario Bahamon (Mackenzie Presbyterian University, Brazil)
Electronic transport in a deformed graphene kirigami
Yannick Dappe (SPEC, CNRS, CEA Saclay, France)
Graphene as a promising electrode for low current attenuation in molecular junctions
Igor Gornyi (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany)
Anomalous Hooke's law in disordered graphene
Tue Gunst (Technical University of Denmark, Denmark)
Flexural phonon scattering induced by electrostatic gating in graphene
Viet Hung Nguyen (NAPS, IMCN, Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium)
Optical Hall effect in strained graphene
Leandro Seixas Rocha (Mackenzie Presbyterian University, Brazil)
Multiferroic Orders in Two-dimensional Materials
  Workshop 4 - Energy
Long Chen (Institute of Metal Research,Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
Synthesis and lithium battery applications of few-layer black phosphorous nanosheets
Kun-Ping Huang (ITRI, Taiwan)
High-Voltage Electrical Double-Layer Capacitors
Daniele Pontiroli (Università degli Studi di Parma, Italy)
Graphene-based electrodes for high-performance Na-ion batteries
  Workshop 5 - Mechanical properties and Nanomechanics
Marius Knapp (Fraunhofer IAF, Germany)
Graphene as virtually massless top electrode for RF bulk acoustic wave (BAW) resonator
Philip Thomas (University of Manchester, UK)
Nanomechanical electro-optical modulator based on atomic heterostructures
  Workshop 6 - Spintronics & Valleytronics
Mallikarjuna Gurram (University of Groningen, Netherlands)
Electric-field controlled giant spin-injection efficiency and local spin-valve effect in hBN/graphene/hBN van der Waals heterostructures
  PhD Students Track A
Sungwoo Lee (Seoul National University, South Korea)
Atomic Structure and Spectroscopy of Single Metal (Cr, V) Substitutional Dopants in Monolayer MoS2
Juan Manuel Marmolejo-Tejada (Universidad del Valle, Colombia)
Spin Hall Effect and Origins of Nonlocal Resistance in Adatom-Decorated Graphene
Stefan Wagner (University of Siegen, Germany)
Non-invasive Raman tomography for 2D-material applications
  PhD Students Track B
Pauline Ronseaux (Institut Néel_CNRS/UGA PR2940, France)
Metal-doped graphene monolayers on plastic : a highly flexible 2D superconducting film
Stefan Wachter (TU Wien, Austria)
Implementation of a microprocessor using a two-dimensional semiconductor
Chong-Rong Wu (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
Vertical 2D Crystal Hetero-structures: The Preparation, Device Application and Selective Growth
  PhD Students Track C
Yih-Ren Chang (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)
Air stable n-type black phosphorus transistor with photoactive doping layer
Eva Arianna Aurelia Pogna (Physics Department Politecnico di Milano, Italy)
Non-equilibrium optical properties of encapsulated graphene
Ankur Sharma (The Australian National University, Australia)
Intensely illuminated Excitons and Tightly Bound Trions in 2-D Phosphorene achieved through Optical Dimensional Transformation
  Industrial Forum
Beatrice Beyer (Fraunhofer FEP, Germany)
Structuring graphene as an electrode for organic light emitting diodes: challenges and outlook
Philipp Braeuninger-Weimer (University of Cambridge, UK)
Graphene Nucleation Control: Methods for Analysis and Quality Control
Marc Chaigneau (HORIBA Scientific, France)
TEOS characterization of 2D materials - from graphene to TMDCs
Mircea Dragoman (IMT, Romania)
Beyond silicon electronics-FETs with nanostructured graphene channels with high on-off ratio and high-mobility
Marco Gobbi (University of Strasbourg, France)
Optically-tunable periodic potentials in hybrid van der Waals heterostructures
Zhen-Yu Juang (SulfurScience Technology Co., Ltd., Taiwan)
Wafer-scaled Synthesis of 2D-MoS2 by Cold-wall CVD
Francis Nedvidek (NanoXplore GmbH, Germany)
Graphene-enhanced commodity plastics in real world applications
Albert Redo-Sanchez (das-Nano S.L., Spain)
ONYX Graphene and 2D Materials Inspector
Filiberto Ricciardella (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands)
High sensitive CVD graphene-based gas sensors operating under environmental conditions
Eric Stinaff (Ohio University, USA)
Deterministic and Scalable Growth of Electrically Self-Contacted 2D Materials-Based Devices