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Saloni - (Indian Institute of Science, India)
Optimal architecture for ultralow noise graphene transistors at room temperature
Ruslan Alvarez (ICN2, Spain)
Laser Scribing of Graphene Oxide Yielding Multipurpose Stamped Nano Films
Aleandro Antidormi (Catalan Institute of NanoScience and Nanotechnology (ICN2), Spain)
On the Vibrational and Thermal Properties of Amorphous Graphene: an atomistic investigation
Anu Baby (Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, Italy)
Tuning the hydrogen evolution reaction at the Pt(111) surface with graphene and non-precious metal
Maria del Pilar Bernícola (ICN2, Spain)
Study of the graphene oxide reduction and its impact in biosensing
Fabian Bertoldo (Technical University of Denmark, Denmark)
Computational Design of Quantum Defects in Low-dimensional Semiconductors
Gabriele Bianca (IIT, Italy)
Liquid-phase exfoliated GeSe nanoflakes for photoelectrochemical-type photodetectors and photoelectrochemical water splitting
Abhilasha Bora (Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India)
WS2 quantum dot/Si heterojunction based self-biased photodetector with plasmon mediated suppressed dark current and fast photoresponse
Carlos Borja Hernández (Instituto de Ingeniería, UNAM, México, Mexico)
Graphene field effect transistors using TiO2 as the dielectric layer
Francisco Brito (University of York, UK)
Simulation of Quantum Spin-Liquid Phases with Spectral Methods
Edgars Butanovs (Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia, Latvia)
Growth of few-layer van der Waals materials on semiconductor nanowires
Guilliam Butseraen (University of Grenoble Alpes, CNRS, France)
Graphene based quantum superconducting circuits
Enric Calucho (ICN2, Spain)
Graphene-based biosensors for COVID-19 diagnostics: latest applications
Valerio Campanari (University of Rome "Tor Vergata", Italy)
Developing Printable Thermoelectric Materials Based on Graphene Nanoplatelet/Ethyl Cellulose Nanocomposites
Luca Cervini (Lancaster University, UK)
Spontaneous Water Desalination in Graphene Oxide Framework
Chang-Hsiao Chen (National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan)
Synthesis of Large-Area and Highly Crystalline InS Atomic Layers on Insulating Substrates
Xin Chen (Technical University of Denmark, Denmark)
Synthesis of uniform hexagonal boron nitride films on metallic glass by annealing
Dima Cheskis (Ariel University, Israel)
STM and STS measurements of GO single layers
Luigi Cigarini (University of Ostrava, Czech Republic)
Understanding the lattice dynamics of multilayered h-BN: peculiar infrared optical responses
Katherine Cochrane (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, USA)
Electrically driven photon emission from individual atomic defects on monolayer tungsten disulfide
Alexis Coissard (Institut Néel, France)
Tunnelling spectroscopy of the graphene quantum Hall topological insulator
Alessandro Cresti (IMEP-LaHC/CNRS, France)
Flowered graphene: Growth, charge and thermal transport
Aron Cummings (ICN2 - Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Spain)
Spin Transport in Graphene/2D-Ferromagnet Heterostructures
Karolina Czerniak-Losiewicz (Warsaw University of Technology, Poland)
Intrinsic properties and environmental effects in time-resolved photocurrent in CVD MoS2 monolayer.
Julien David-Vifflantzeff (CEA Grenoble, France)
Large-scale transfer of 2D materials using the spalling process
Madhurima Deb (Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India)
Chemiresistive lead sensing using β-Cyclodextrin functionalized rGO films
Marta Delgá (Instituto Catalán de Nanociencia y Nanotecnología, Spain)
Understanding electronic interactions at the graphene-electrolyte interface
Christophe Donnet (Université Jean Monnet, Laboratoire Hubert Curien UMR 5516, France)
Graphene and Boron-doped Graphene by Pulsed Laser Deposition
João Pedro dos Santos Pires (University of Porto, Portugal)
Diluted Random Impurities Destabilise 3D Semi-metallic Phases
Ziwei Dou (Laboratoire de Physique des Solides, France)
Phase Dependent Quantum Dynamics of Andreev States in a Ballistic Graphene-based Josephson Junction
Yongping Du (Center for Nanostructured Graphene, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark)
Twist angle dependence of the electronic structure in graphene antidot lattices with hBN encapsulation
Anna Duzynska (Warsaw University of Technology, Poland)
Production of Graphene in ‘Green’ Solvent
Christopher Ehlert (Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies, Germany)
Modelling non-covalent interactions of graphene and small gas molecules: An assessment of cluster models and methods
Alexandros El Sachat (ICN2, Spain)
Ballistic to diffusive crossover of heat flow in suspended graphene membranes
Ivan Fernandez (ICN2, Spain)
Study of MBE growth and thermal stability of Bi2MnTe4 thin films
Niranjala Fernando (Bournemouth University, UK)
A novel polyimide porous organic polymer for high energy supercapacitors
Sara Fiore (ETH, Switzerland)
Thermal transport modelling through van der Waals heterostructures
Cesar Franco (Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia)
Obtaining graphene oxide from high-rank Colombian coal using Liquid Phase Exfoliation (LPE) method
Regina Galceran Vercher (ICN2, Spain)
Spin-orbit torques in MoS2-graphene based heterostructures
Antonio Gallerati (Politecnico di Torino, Italy)
Graphene and supersymmetry
Lene Gammelgaard (Technical University of Denmark, Denmark)
Sub-resolution Nanostructuring of 2D materials by anisotropic etching
Remy Gassilloud (CEA Leti, France)
Large-scale growth and properties of lamellar vanadium sulphide
Arianna Gazzi (University of Trieste, Italy)
Functionalized carbon nanodots interaction with human immune cells
Ineta Grikalaite (University of Exeter, UK)
Terahertz metadevices with carbon nanomaterials
Marco Guerra (Institut Néel, France)
Imaging quantum Hall backscattering in graphene
Golam Haider (J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, Czech Republic)
Enhanced Photoluminescence in Layered 2D Heterostructure
Piramon Hampitak (The University of Manchester, UK)
Graphene-Protein Interactions Mapped using Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation Monitoring (QCM-D)
Pauline Hauchecorne (LTM-UGA, France)
VLS growth of GaSe nanoribbons by MOCVD
Saúl Herrera (Instituto de Física, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico)
Optical properties of two new Dirac semimetals: 8-Pmmn borophene and Kekulé-Y modulated graphene
Haitham Hrich (Université Montpellier, France)
Investigation of giant step-bunching occurrence during graphene growth on 4H-SiC (0001) in low pressure Ar-H2 mix gases
Ying Huo (Université de Lyon, France)
Mechanism of pristine graphene stabilization via polymer physisorption in water media for graphene content enhancement
Fatima Ibrahim (Univ. Grenoble Alpes, CEA, CNRS, SPINTEC, France)
Unveiling Multiferroic Proximity Effect in Graphene
Alexander Ihle (Institute of Applied Physics, Germany)
Adsorption Geometry of 2-Iodotriphenylene on Ag(111) and Cu(111)
Raúl Izquierdo López (ISOM, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain)
SAW-driven plasmons in graphene heterostructures for sensing ultrathin layers
Ondrej Jasek (Masaryk University, Czech Republic)
Nucleation and growth of graphene nanosheets in gas phase by decomposition of hydrocarbons and alcohols in microwave plasma
Simão João (Universidade do Porto, Portugal)
Disorder-enhanced p-wave superconductivity in graphene
Miroslav Kolos (University of Ostrava, Czech Republic)
Accurate many-body calculation of electronic and optical band gap of bulk hexagonal boron nitride
Gabriela Kratosova (VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic)
Study of silver nanoparticles prepared via phytosynthesis on microfluidic platform as fillers for graphene nanocomposites
Meric Kucukbas (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)
Investigating the electronic and magnetic properties of disordered graphene systems with machine-learning
Péter Kun (Centre for Energy Research, Hungary)
Quantized conductance of graphene constrictions patterned by atomic force microscope-based lithography
Francesco La Porta (ESRF, France)
Growing perfect graphene on a liquid metal: from self-organized flakes to the single layer
Lucie Le Van-Jodin (CEA - Université Grenoble Alpes, France)
2D materials: transfer for microelectronic devices
Aurélien Lherbier (UCLouvain, Belgium)
Charge transport in photoswitchable organic-graphene hybrids
Jérémy Lhuillier (Institut des Nanotechnologies de Lyon - Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France)
Spatial modulation of graphene’s chemical potential
Clotilde Ligaud (CEA Grenoble, France)
2D materials integration in photoelectric devices
Pin-Cheng Lin (KU Leuven, Belgium)
Controlled formation of nanobubbles in graphene
Charalambos Louca (University of Sheffield, UK)
Resonant electronic and excitonic hybridisation in transition metal dichalcogenide alloys heterobilayers
Will Luckin (University of Bath, UK)
Tight-Binding Model of TaSe2
Sara Lund (Åbo Akademi University, Finland)
Liquid-phase exfoliation of flake graphite by high-shear mixing and fabrication of electrically conductive few-layer graphene films
Indrajit Maity (Indian Institute of Science , India)
Reconstruction of moire lattices in twisted transition metal dichalcogenide bilayers
Vincent Malesys (ONERA, France)
Development of a graphene and fluorographene based gas sensor
Maura Mancinelli (University of Ferrara, Italy)
Adsorption of metal ions and bactericidal actions using mixed zeolites and graphene oxide-based membranes
Bastien Marguet (Université de Lyon 1, France)
Grain boundary formation in two-dimensional materials
Yakov Matyushkin (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University) (MIPT), Russia)
Gate-mediated helicity sensitive detectors of terahertz radiation with graphene-based field effect transistors
Larionette P. L. Mawlong (I.I.T Guwahati, India)
Tunability of the Photoluminescence and Coupled Charge Transfer Dynamics in Monolayer MoS2 Decorated with WS2 Quantum Dots
Hubert Meissel (Amalyst Ltd, UK)
Advanced Fuel Cell Catalyst based on Graphene
David Mele (Ecole Normale Supérieure, France)
Graphene Field-Effect Transistors with Velocity Saturation
Florie Mesple (CEA/IRIG/PHELIQS, France)
Heterostrain physics of Twisted Bilayers of Graphene near magic angle
Jan Mischke (University of DUisburg-Essen, Germany)
PECVD Grown Graphene as Transparent Electrode in GaN-based LEDs
Mohsen Moazzami Gudarzi (University of Manchester , UK)
Correlation of van der Waals Binding Energy of Layered Materials and Their Bulk Modulus
Maryam Modarres (Abalonyx AS, Norway)
A new heterogenous catalyst supported on graphene oxide for the selective epoxidation of olefins
Damilola Momodu (University of Calgary, Canada)
Disorder-features in thermally stable exfoliated graphene using variable intercalation times and intercalant-blends
Alberto Morenghi (University of Study of Parma, Italy)
Ni Decorated Graphene-based Electrodes for Asymmetric Supercapacitors
Marcin Mucha-Kruczynski (University of Bath, UK)
Lattice parameter-scale moiré superlattices in near-30-degree twisted bilayer graphene
Munindra Munindra (DTU DELHI INDIA, India)
Evaluation of Graphene FET Model in Quasi-Ballistic Regime for Frequency Doubler Circuit
Aamir Mushtaq (IIT Mandi, India)
Ultrafast charge dynamics in two dimensional materials
Montserrat Navarro (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico)
Moiré patterns in twisted bilayer graphene
Jorge Andres Navarro Giraldo (Central European Institute of Technology - CEITEC, Czech Republic)
Two-dimensional Klein tunnelling for massive Dirac fermions with a defined helicity
Jimmy Nicolle (ICMN, France)
Graphene based sensors for heavy metals or organic micropollutants electrochemical detection
Dmytro Nikolaievskyi (Aix Marseille University, France)
Atomic Force Microscopy Assisted Graphene 3D-Modification
Zoltán Osváth (Centre for Energy Research, Hungary)
Towards vapour sensing with graphene-metallic nanoparticle hybrids
Piotr Ozga (Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland)
Characterization of the Barrier and Electrochemical Properties of CVD Graphene on Metallic Substrates
Colin Paillet (CEA-LETI, France)
Van der Waals epitaxy of InGaN on graphene for red LEDs application
Andras Palinkas (Centre for Energy Research, Hungary)
Reversible hydrostatic strain in graphene/metallic nanoparticles hybrid material induced by laser irradiation
Dhanshree Pandey (Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology, India)
Theoretical investigation of gas molecule adsorption on WS monochalcogenide
Emmanuel Paredes-Rocha (Instituto de Ciencias Físicas UNAM, Mexico)
Gradient-index electron optics in graphene pn junctions
Pablo Perez-Piskunow (ICN2, Spain)
Topology of Twisted Graphene-hBN Heterostructures
Marco Piccinni (IIT, Italy)
Processing of Layered Double Hydroxides for Energy Storage Applications
Vladimir Pimonov (L2C university of Montpellier, France)
Optical studies of the growth kinetics of individual carbon nanotubes
Gergo Pinter (University of Manchester, UK)
Flexible, High-performance n- and p-type Thermoelectric Films
Anna Piras (Heidelberg Institute Theoretical Studies, Germany)
The law of attraction: computational insights into the role of non-covalent interactions in graphene-based sensing
Grazia Giuseppina Politano (Università della Calabria, Italy)
Physical characterization of spin-coated MoS2 films
Boris Polyakov (Institute of Solid State Physics University of Latvia, Latvia)
Fast-Response Single-Nanowire Photodetector Based on ZnO-WS2 Core-Shell Nanowire Heterostructures
Agnes Purwidyantri (International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, Portugal)
Grapevine Varieties Identification using a Miniaturized Graphene-based Sensor
Varun Pusapati (ICFO – The Institute of Photonic Sciences, Spain)
Demonstration of Ultra-small MIR Acoustic-graphene-plasmon Cavities Based on Magnetic Resonators
Maxim Rabchinskii (Ioffe Institute, Russia)
Graphene chemical derivatives: from synthesis to applications
Raphael Ramos (LITEN-CEA, France)
Graphene-based transparent capacitive touch sensor for in-mold structural electronics
Rajeev Ray (IIT, India)
Enhancing performance and stability of perovskite solar cells through interface engineering
A facile growth of few-layer Graphene using chemical vapour deposition for gas sensing applications
Anindita Sahoo (CNRS, Laboratoire des technologies de la microélectronique (LTM), France)
Graphene-PbS Quantum Dot Based Highly Sensitive Infrared Photodetector
David Saleta (ICN2, Spain)
Thermal conductivity of suspended MoSe2 2D crystals with thickness control via Raman thermometry
Shahrukh Salim (IIT Delhi, India)
Electron transport through pair of Graphene-Superconductor junctions
Roberto Sant (ESRF, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, France)
Growth, structure and sulfurization of epitaxial PtSe2: towards a Janus transition metal dichalcogenide
Abdus Salam Sarkar (Institute of Electronic Structure and Lasers (IESL), Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH), Greece)
Tailoring B-exciton emission in few-layers MoS2:AgPO3 nanoheterojunctions
Simon Sawallich (Protemics GmbH, Germany)
Wafer-scale inspection of graphene conductivity by THz near-field scanning: As-grown on sapphire and after transfer to SiO2/Si
Christian Martin Schaefer (ICN2, Spain)
In situ gas-phase monitoring of pyrolysis and ex situ assessment of carbon contamination in MOCVD grown MoS2 films
Thorben Schmirander (Universität Hamburg, Germany)
Edge state crossing in a multi-band tight-binding model of graphene
Davide Sciacca (CNRS, France)
Account of the diversity of tunneling spectra at the germanene/Al(111) interface
Ozlem Sengul (TU Wien, Austria)
Destructive Quantum Interference in Graphene-like Single Molecule Junctions
Ashkan Shahmanesh (CNRS/ILM-UCBL, France)
Colloidal synthesis of alloyed monolayers of transition metal dichalcogenides.
Yizhen Shao (The University of Manchester, UK)
Hybrid molecular/mineral lyotropic liquid crystal system of CTAB and graphene oxide in water
Kshipra Sharma (IRIG/MEM-CEA, France)
Dry cleaning of graphene by downstream H2 plasma
Huanhuan Shi (Technische Universität Dresden, Germany)
Ultrafast Electrochemical Synthesis of Defect‐Free In2Se3 Flakes for Large‐Area Optoelectronics
Grazyna Simha Martynkova (VSB-TU Ostrava, Czech Republic)
Thin Graphene Oxide - Ag Film with Hydrophobic Properties
Ashutosh Singh (University of Calgary , Canada)
Production of High-Quality Exfoliated Graphene using a Two-Step Electrochemical Approach
Venkateswarlu Somepalli (University of Cergy-Pontoise, France)
Structural and electronic properties of twisted MoS2 bilayers
Farjana J Sonia (J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, Czech Republic)
High-Performance Silicon/Graphene Composite for Electrochemical Energy Storage
Pavel Sorokin (National University of Science and Technology "MISiS", Russia)
From multi-layered graphene to diamond film of nanometer thickness. Chemically induced phase transformation
Srdjan Stavric (University of Trieste, Italy)
First-principles study of nickel reactivity under 2D cover: Ni2C formation at the graphene/Ni(111) interface
Márton Szendrő (Institute of Technical Physics and Materials Science (MFA), Centre for Energy Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences,, Hungary)
Ultra-flat twisted superlattices in 2D heterostructures
Laure Tailpied (LEM UMR 104 CNRS-ONERA, France)
CVD synthesis of Graphene-Boron Nitride heterostructures with optimized properties for optoelectronics devices
Alina Talmantaite (Durham University, UK)
Electron Compton Scattering and the Measurement of Electron Momentum Distributions in Solids
John Thomas (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, USA)
Defect Engineering within Transition Metal Dichalcogenides and Machine Learning Approaches towards STM/STS Tip Shaping on Au
Guy Trambly de Laissardière (CY Cergy Paris Université / CNRS, France)
Quantum Transport in twisted bilayer graphene
Václav Valeš (Jaroslav Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry, Czech Republic)
Large-scale chemical functionalization of locally curved graphene with nanometre resolution
Sebin Varghese (Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2), Spain)
Thickness Controlled Spatiotemporal Mapping of Phonon Transport in Suspended MoSe2
Sandra Vasilijevic (Université de Paris/ITODYS, France)
Graphene Oxide Inkjet-Printed Electronics: Electrochemical Tuning of Charge Transport in Electrolyte-Gated Field-Effect Transistors and Biosensing Applications
Alessandro Veneri (University of York, UK)
Prediction of Purely Interfacial Giant Antidamping Spin-Orbit Torque induced by Skew Scattering
Svetlana Vitusevich (Forschungszentrum Juelich/ICS-8, Germany)
Graphene on Silicon Hybrid Field Effect Transistors
Yida Yang (Institut FEMTO-ST, Univ. Bourgogne Franche-Comté, CNRS, ENSMM, France)
An atomistic model for flexoelectricity tensor in non-perfect graphene
Jiaqi Zhou (UCLouvain, Belgium)
Spin Hall Conductivity of Ferromagnetic Fe3GeTe2 Monolayer