Workshop 1: Applications of Graphene-based Materials - More info

This workshop aims at presenting the current state of the art and the opportunities of graphene-based materials/devices and related structures for emerging technologies in the field of flexible electronics and transparent conductors, high frequency devices, digital logic, ultimate sensors and bio-related applications. Challenges in the fields of ultimate microelectronics, energy dissipation and thermal management, advanced composites for aeronautics, and large scale graphene production and device integration will be also targeted.

Workshop 2: Materials & Devices Characterization - More info  

The aim of the present workshop consists in presenting the synthesis and the characterization of Graphene. Several production methods (CVD,  epitaxial growth, exfoliation, …) will be overviewed, as well as the characterization of  the synthesized samples using various specific experimental techniques such as STM,  HRTEM, Raman, ARPES, … A series of targeted talks have been selected in order to  present the state of the art in this research area.

Workshop 3: Theory & Simulation - More info                 

This workshop aims at presenting the state of the art in advanced modelling of structurally and chemically modified forms of graphene materials, together with progress in simulating graphene devices including transistors, chemical sensors, NEMS and so forth. From basic theoretical concepts to ultimate developments in first-principles calculations, an overall picture of recent achievements and research perspectives will be outline, including electronic, transport, optical and mechanical properties

Workshop 4: Worldwide Graphene Initiatives, Funding and Priorities - More info 

This workshop will feature the latest initiatives performed on the field of Graphene. Will be a place where the Graphene Research Centers Worldwide can present their work and most innovative projects and also a get together with policymakers to discuss some crucial scientific policies (European commission, Flagship, etc.). This workshop will give an overall idea on the latest developments worldwide and will explore new avenues of graphene.

Workshop 5: Standardization - More info 

This workshop provides an general introduction to the process of standards development and addresses the current national and international standardization activities for GRM. This includes standards on terminology, material specifications, and the measurement of key control characteristics as well as good practices regarding health, safety and environmental issues. These standards are prerequisite to develop innovative graphene-enabled products and fabricate them at a defined quality level guaranteed by statistical process control

 A series of targeted talks given by Invited speakers will be followed by oral contributions selected from the Graphene 2015 submissions on all workshops mentioned above.

Advanced Characterization methods to investigate Graphene-based materials and devices: Raman Imaging and Tip-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (March 12 – 11:30 to 13:30)  

Advanced Characterization methods to investigate Graphene-based materials and devices: Raman Imaging, AFM/Raman and Tip-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
Raman and AFM are considered to be complementary techniques providing vital molecular/structural, mechanical and physical information about materials. This workshop will focus upon the application of these techniques to the characterization of Graphene and graphene based materials. Specifically, new Raman imaging and fully integrated Raman/AFM instrumentation will be presented with an emphasis upon critical information each technique provides towards understanding graphene. Live instrument demonstrations will be included during this event.

- Massimiliano Rocchia (Thermo Fisher Scientific, Italy)
- Pavel Dorozhkin (NT-MDT, Russia)