The Industrial Workshop “Graphene Connect” (7th May all day)  
The series of industrial workshops Graphene Connect are an enabling instrument of the Graphene Flagship consortium to mainly engage people in discussions and envision new collaboration with European companies and academics working in applied research, innovation and development.
The first Graphene Connect workshop, held within the frame of GRAPHENE 2014, will focus on graphene-based nanocomposites.

This workshop will provide an excellent opportunity to give an overview on flagship research and industry demands, find collaboration partners for new projects and design of such projects for funding priorities of the Graphene Flagship consortium within the European Commission Horizon 2020 framework.
The first morning session (open to all participants of GRAPHENE 2014) will present the main research actions and objectives of the Graphene Flagship consortium concerning the fabrication and use of composites for boosting innovation in various industrial sectors, including technology areas of lightweight materials, heat transport, as well as materials for energy applications, flexible electronics, and gas barriers.
From 11:00, the workshop is restricted to registered participants.
Building on the morning presentation, dedicated group discussions giving the participant possibilities of engaging in discussions on future projects possibilities, as well as matchmaking are on the agenda.  Discussions topics are for instance 

•2D composites for aeronautics/aerospace/automotive
•2D composites as biomaterial scaffold
•Graphene production and cost: what's the target value for composite applications?
•2D composites for electronics
•Low-density foams and materials based on 2D materials for energy applications
2D composites membranes and microfluidics 

Participants will gain new R&D contacts, a possibility to learn more on graphene nanocomposites and formulate innovation projects for future flagship or other funding possibilities.

Registration deadline - Tuesday 22 April 2014.  

Information about the program, please contact: Dr Helena Theander
Information about registration and payments, please contact:

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