Since 2011, the first edition of Graphene Conference 723 grants were awarded.

A limited number of graduate grants will be available to allow students performing graduate work to present a contribution at the upcoming Graphene2023 Conference. To be eligible, students must be actively pursuing a PhD degree and must be in good standing with their department. Preference will be given to students nearing completion of their thesis work.

The bursaries available will cover partially travel expenses OR the registration fee (depending on the source of funding).

How it works?

- Fill the form (only one grant per person) and at the same time attach a letter from your thesis advisor.
- Mandatory to submit an abstract (use the same email)
- After the conference, the organisers will provide a reimbursement form to each student granted.

On receipt of this form dully filled out and of the requested documents (copy or original receipts), the organisation will submit them to the funding institution to allow them to process the reimbursement.
The reimbursement process could take between 2 and 6 months depending on the source of funding

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