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Amritroop Achari (University of Manchester, UK)
pH-dependent water permeability switching and its memory in MoS2 membranes
Julien Barrier (University of Manchester, UK)
1D Andreev bound states along quantum Hall edges
Emmanuel Baudin (CNRS/ENS, France)
Magneto-exciton instability and quantum Hall breakdown in graphene
Rémi Bretel (LPENS, France)
Near-field radiative heat transfer of hBN-encapsulated Graphene Field Effect Transistors
Cléophanie Brochard (C2N, France)
Heat transport in h-BN
Georgy Ermolaev (XPANCEO, United Arab Emirates)
Giant optical anisotropy in van der Waals materials
Junxiong Hu (National University of Singapore, Singapore)
Controlled alignment of supermoiré lattice in double-aligned graphene heterostructures
Dimitris Ioannou (George Mason University, USA)
Graphene-Integrated Steep-Slope Field-Effect Transistor
Ian Kinloch (University of Manchester, UK)
Controlling electrical percolation in thermoplastic-hybrid nanocomposites
Tam Le Chinh (University of Ulsan, South Korea)
Negative Valley Polarization of the Intralayer Exciton via One-Step-Growth of H-type Heterobilayer WS2/MoS2
Arnab Maity (Technion, Israel)
Hybrid Graphene for The Development of Next Generation Cancer Screening Device and Chiral Spintronics Applications
Jake Dudley Mehew (Institut Català de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia (ICN2), Spain)
Umklapp-Assisted Electron-Phonon Coupling Enables Ultrafast Cooling in Magic Angle Twisted Bilayer Graphene
Sung-Kwan Mo (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA)
Charge density waves in atomically thin transition metal dichalcogenides
Delphine Pommier (Thales TRT, France)
High-Speed Optoelectronic Sampling at 1.55 μm with High-mobility Graphene
Petr Stepanov (University of Notre Dame, USA)
Cryogenic photovoltage nanoscopy in twisted multilayer graphene
Andrey Turchanin ( Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany)
High-performance monolayer MoS2 field-effect transistors and photodetectors on SiO2 gate dielectric passivated with cyclic olefin copolymer
Yadong Wang (The University Of Sheffield, UK)
Highly nonlinear Mie-exciton-polaritons in monolayer semiconductors placed on WS2 nanoantennas on a gold substrate
Dacen Waters (University of Washington, USA)
Mixed-dimensional moiré tuning of transport properties in graphite thin films
Xiangming Xu (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia)
MXenes application in microelectronics (MXetronics)
Yu Zhang (Beijing Institute of Technology, China)
Characterization and Manipulation of Intervalley Scattering Induced by an Individual Monovacancy in Graphene
Bowen Zhou (Technical University of Denmark, Denmark)
Better than Hall? Increasing sensitivity of graphene magnetic sensor based on extraordinary magnetoresistance with peculiar effects
  Workshop 1: Twistronics, 2D Magnetism and Topological Phenomena
Pantelis Bampoulis (University of Twente, The Netherlands)
Quantum spin Hall states and topological phase transition in germanene
Junho Choi (Korea Research Insitute of Standards and Science, South Korea)
Asymmetric magnetic proximity interactions in van der Waals heterostructures
Alessandro Cresti (CNRS, France)
Twisted bilayer graphene in magnetic fields
Xuerong Hu (The University of Sheffield, UK)
Nanophotonics with van der Waals magnets
Long Ju (MIT, USA)
Electron correlation and topology in rhombohedral graphene
Afsal Kareekunnan (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)
Observation of topological valley current in non-encapsulated hBN/bilayer graphene heterostructure
Roshan Krishna Kumar (ICFO, Spain)
Interaction induced terahertz photocurrents in twisted bilayer graphene
Artem Mishchenko (The University of Manchester, UK)
3D twistronics of mixing moiré-surface and bulk states in graphite
Viet Hung Nguyen (Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium)
Electron-Phonon Coupling in Magic-Angle Twisted-Bilayer Graphene
Julian Peiro (CNRS-Thales Joint lab, France)
Artificial graphene spin polarized electrode for magnetic tunnel junctions
Alessandro Principi (University of Manchester, UK)
Hyper-magic manifold of Majorana flat bands in twisted Kitaev bilayers
Biplab Sanyal (Uppsala University, Sweden)
Electron correlation and complex magnetism in 2D FenGeTe2 (n=3-5) magnets
Wei Yang (Institute of Physics, CAS, China)
Discovering emergent correlated states and quantum phase transitions in a moiré superlattice
Geliang Yu (Nanjing University, China)  
Novel properties in Twisted Graphene system
  Workshop 2: Properties & Applications of MXenes
Simona Achilli (INFN, Italy)
Theoretical and experimental characterization of sp-, sp2- carbon 2D networks obtained via on-surface synthesis
Assael Cohen (Technion, Israel)
Tungsten Oxide Mediated Quasi - van der Waals Epitaxy of WS2 on Sapphire
Kees de Groot (University of Southampton, UK)
Electrodeposition of TMDC 2D-materials on Graphene
Guido Fratesi (INFN and University of Milan, Italy)
Crystal Phase Engineering of Silicene by Sn-modified Ag(111)
Peter McBreen (Laval University, Canada)
N-Heterocyclic Carbenes as Modifiers of Metal-Supported Graphene
Pawel Michalowski (Lukasiewicz Research Network - Institute of Microelectronics and Photonics, Poland)
Secondary-ion mass spectrometry evaluation of MAX and MXene production approaches
Gilbert Daniel Nessim (Bar-Ilan University, Israel)
High Yield, Bottom-Up/Top-Down CVD Synthesis of 2D Layered Metal Selenides—A Promising Class of Materials for Applications in Electronics and Electrochemistry
Marin Petrovic (Institute of Physics, Croatia (Hrvatska))
Nano-modulated electronic properties of borophene on Ir(111)
Christian Tessarek (University of Bremen, Institute of Solid State Physics, Germany)
Optical and structural properties of ternary MoWS2 grown by atomic layer deposition
Peter Toth (University of Szeged, Hungary)
Photoelectrochemical behaviour of WSe2 nanoflakes: Structure-dependency and the effect Pt-decoration
  Workshop 3: 2DM Chemistry and Energy Applications
Francesco Amato (Università of Rome "La Sapienza", Italy)
The functionalization of graphene oxide as a route towards reduced graphene oxide with an increased water-dispersibility
Aristeidis Bakandritsos (Palacky University Olomouc, Czech Republic)
Densely and selectively functionalized graphenes for energy storage and catalysis
Giuseppe Valerio Bianco (CNR-NANOTEC, Italy)
Improved electrical transport properties of CVD graphene by sulfur doping
David Estrada (Boise State University, USA)
2-dimensional Material Inks for Additive Electronics Manufacturing of Planar and Conformal Optoelectronics
Daniel Fernández Carrasco (INCAR, Spain)
Graphene decorated with uniform nanoholes via an electrochemical route for energy storage applications
Stuart Goldie (Kasssel University, Germany)
Understanding Flake Size Separation during Centrifugation
Myung Jong Kim (Gachon University, South Korea)
CVD synthesis of few-layered h-BC2N and optical applications
Luc Lajaunie (University of Cádiz, Spain)
Defect Engineering of Au@MoS2 Nanostructures for Conventional and Plasmon-Enhanced Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
Karolina Milowska (CIC nanoGUNE, Spain)
The True Amphipathic Nature of Pristine Graphene Flakes
Cesar Moreno (Universidad de Cantabria, Spain)
Graphene nanoarchitectures: from fundamentals to applications
Yue Qi (Beijing Graphene Institute (BGI), China)
Preparation and application of graphene glass fiber
Yang Su (Tsinghua University, China)
Highly Efficient Gold Extraction by Graphene
Luzhao Sun (Beijing Graphene Institute, China)
Graphene Epitaxy: from Misorientation-Free to Misorientation-Engineered Graphene Films
Pengzhan Sun (University of Macau, Macau SAR)
How permeable is the impermeable graphene?
João Paulo Vita Damasceno (Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia - IIT / University of Campinas - Unicamp, Italy)
A General Method to Disperse Solid Carbon Materials without Passivating Agents or Surface Modifications
Sejeong Won (Center for Advanced Meta-Materials, South Korea)
Process optimization of Joule heating CVD of graphene on meter-scale copper foil
Marilena Isabella Zappia (Bedimensional S.p.A., Italy)
Two-dimensional material-enabled encapsulation for perovskite solar cells and modules
  Workshop 4: Theory of 2D Materials and Devices Simulation
Tara Boland (Technical University of Denmark, Denmark)
Polymorphic Structural Phase Transformations in 2D Materials
Samuel Brem (Philipps University Marburg, Germany)
Bosonic Delocalization of Dipolar Moiré Excitons
Luis Canonico (Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Spain)
Orbital origin of hidden spin textures in centrosymmetric PtSe2 monolayer and their proximity applications
Simon Dubois (UCLouvain, Belgium)
Spin-filtering in 2D based magnetic tunnel junctions
Vladimir Enaldiev (National Graphene Institute, UK)
Domain wall network model for control of interfacial ferroelectricity in twisted bilayers of transition metal dichalcogenides
Tam Ho (Northumbria University, UK)
Tailoring Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Graphene Origami
Samuel Magorrian (University of Warwick, UK)
Band alignment and interlayer hybridisation in transition metal dichalcogenide/hexagonal boron nitride heterostructures
Guido Menichetti (Università di Pisa / IIT, Italy)
Theory of plasmon-magnon coupling in 2D honeycomb magnets
Alina Mrenca-Kolasinska (AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland)
Probing minibands in gated graphene superlattice by magnetic focusing
Marcin Mucha-Kruczynski (University of Bath, UK)
Controlling charge density order in 2H-TaSe2 using a van Hove singularity
Md Noor-A-Alam (Tyndall National Institute, Ireland)
Piezoelectricity in Magnetic 2D Materials
Stephen Power (Dublin City University, Ireland)
Predicting magnetic edge behaviour in graphene using neural networks
Chuin Wei Tan (Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore)
Computational Screening for Sustainable Two-dimensional Ultra-wide Bandgap Materials
Joshua Thompson (Philipps Univeristät Marburg, Germany)
Exciton optics and dynamics in organic and organic/TMD heterostructures
Jiaqi Zhou (Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium)
Charge and spin transport in 2D Rashba system
  Workshop 5: 2D Materials in India Showcase Session
Kamesh Gupta (India Innovation Centre for Graphene, India)
Commercialising Graphene in India – Revolutionizing Research and Democratizing scale-up
H S S Ramakrishna Matte (Centre for Nano and Soft Matter Sciences, India)
Solution Processing of Low-dimensional Materials and Applications
  Workshop 6: Biomedical Applications
Mafalda Abrantes (International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, Portugal)
Opto-evoked neurotransmitter release detection with graphene aptasensor multitransistor arrays
Cyrill Bussy (The university of Manchester, UK)
Pulmonary toxicity of boron nitride nanomaterials: a comparison between two-dimensional sheets and nanotubes of similar composition and purity
Liming Chen (University of Manchester, UK)
Wearable Sensors for Breath Monitoring made with Water-based Hexagonal Boron Nitride Inks via Supramolecular Functionalization
Domenica Convertino (Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Italy)
Graphene and WS2 interactions with neutrophils and MSCs for nerve injury regeneration
Alejandro Criado (Universidade da Coruña - CICA, Spain)
Tailored chemical designs for graphene fets in biosensing
Cécile Delacour (Institut Neel - CNRS, France)
Graphene nanoelectronics meets neurofluidics for versatile labs on chip
  Workshop 7: Advanced Characterization of 2DM and heterostructures
Marinos Dimitropoulos (FORTH/ICE-HT and University of Patras, Greece)
Conductive railways on graphene wrinkles
Danielle Douglas-Henry (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)
Structural Characterisation of Liquid Phase Exfoliated Transition Metal Dichalcogenides – An Electron Microscopy Study
Max Franck (IHP - Leibniz-Institut für innovative Mikroelektronik, Germany)
Ellipsometry Study of Hexagonal Boron Nitride Grown on CMOS-compatible Substrates via CVD
Benjamen Reed (National Physical Laboratory, UK)
The influence of sample preparation on XPS quantification of oxygen-functionalised graphene nanoplatelets
Bruno Ribeiro (Laboratório de Estruturas Leves (LEL) - Instituto de Pesquisas Tecnológicas (IPT), Brazil)
Mechanical behaviour of graphene reinforced polypropylene composites
John Thomas (Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA)
Defect Implementation in 2D vdW Materials: Highly Correlated Fermion States and Autonomous Experimentation
  Workshop 8: Ferroelectrics & Piezoelectric 2DM
Salvador Barraza-Lopez (University of Arkansas, USA)
Multiferroic rotated CrI3 bilayers with a three-dimensional intrinsic electric dipole
Ngoc Thanh Duong (National University of Singapore - Kent Ridge Campus: National University of Singapore, Singapore)
Dynamic Ferroelectric Transistor-based Reservoir Computing for Spatiotemporal Information Processing
Aitor Garcia-Ruiz (University of Manchester, UK)
Rhombohedral graphite with a twin boundary defect: Flat bands, ferroelectricity, and spectroscopic signatures.
James Kerfoot (Park Systems UK Ltd, UK)
Mapping tunnelling currents across switchable ferroelectric domains in parallel stacked layered materials with atomic force microscopy
Tim Verhagen (FZU - Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic)
Sliding ferroelectricity in bulk misfit layer compound (PbS)1.18VS2
  Workshop 9: 2DM based composites, coatings, foams and membranes
Timur Ashirov (University of Fribourg, Switzerland)
Ultrahigh permeance metal coated graphene membranes for efficient gas separation applications
Jiri Cervenka (FZU – Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic)
Flame-resistant cellular graphene aerogels and sensors
Alessandro Grillo (University of Manchester, UK)
Ink-jet Printed Graphene-Silicon Schottky Diodes
André Hermannsdorfer (Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany)
Liquid phase intercalation of niobium fluoride into graphite films increases electrical conductivity up to 27 Ms/m
Leila Javazmi (University of Southern Queensland, Australia)
Highly Sensitive Graphene Nanoplatelets Strain Sensor for Measuring Impact Loading in Infrastructures
Robert Menzel (University of Leeds, UK)
Hierarchical Graphene-Based Aerogel Catalysts and Sorbents
Cristina Valles (University of Manchester, UK)
GNPs/epoxy nanocomposites as conductive adhesives for Out-of-Autoclave in-situ Carbon Fibres Reinforced Polymers repair
Chengning Yao (Imperial College London, UK)
Thermally conductive h-BN/polymer composites for textiles thermal management
Robert Young (The University of Manchester, UK)
The Role of Filler Aspect Ratio in the Reinforcement of Polymers with Graphene and 2D Materials
Muhammad Zahid (Leonardo SpA Italy, Italy)
Multifunctional graphene films for aerospace composites
  Workshop 10: 2D water and nanofluidics
Premlal Balakrishna Pillai (University of Manchester, UK)
2D materials based antifouling membranes for ultrafiltration
Paola Carbone (The University of Manchester, UK)
Molecular simulations of the wettability of Graphene and Graphite
Eoin Griffin (University of Manchester, UK)
Wien effect and photo-accelerated interfacial water dissociation across proton permeable graphene electrodes
Seunghyun Hong (Khalifa University, United Arab Emirates)
2D Nanoconfined Fluidic Channels and its Application
Maxim Trushin (National University of Singapore, Singapore)
2D water: How does it flow?
Ziwei Wang (The University of Manchester, UK)
Ultraconfined two-dimensional water in gypsum
  Workshop 11: Photonics-Optoelectronics-Plasmonics
Stela Canulescu (DTU, Denmark)
Enhanced edge-nonlinear response and photoresponse in MoS2 nanoribbons
Sebastián Castilla (ICFO - The Institute of Photonic Sciences, Spain)
Acoustic THz graphene plasmons and mid-infrared polaritonic nanoresonators at low temperatures
Sanghoon Chae (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
Integration of optoelectronic response in 2D materials into Si photonics
Rajveer Fandan (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain)
Propagating Plexcitons in 2D Semiconductors Launched by Surface Acoustic Waves
Gabriele Grosso (ASRC CUNY, USA)
Elementary excitations of quantum emitters in highly defective hexagonal Boron Nitride
Igor Rozhansky (University of Manchester, UK)
Terahertz Spin-Light Coupling in Proximitized Dirac Materials
Thi Uyen Tran (Sungkyungkwan University, South Korea)
Adaptive Photocurrent Generation in ReS2-2D Te Heterostructure
Despoina Despotopoulou (Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Spain)
Engineering versatile graphene oxide-based nanoplatforms for immunomodulation
Ahmed Eladly (University of Manchester, UK)
Mechanically-flexible, graphene-based, microelectrodes for simultaneous recording and electrical stimulation of deep brain microstructures: an acute in vivo study
Alfredo Maria Gravagnuolo (The University of Manchester, UK)
Graphene oxide ovalbumin nano-complexes in liquid formulation for immunomodulation
Artur M. Pinto (LEPABE - University of Porto, Portugal)
New Graphene Pharmaceutical Formulations for Phototherapy of Skin Cancer: in vitro validation and ex-vivo human skin permeation studies
Emmanuel Okwelogu (University of Manchester, UK)
Exploitation of the 2D graphene oxide biomolecule corona in secretome-based cancer biomarker discovery
Alexey Tarasov (University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern, Germany)
Graphene-based surface plasmon resonance biosensors for multi-parametric analysis of living cells
  Parallel Track 1 (PhD students)
Frederic Brunnett (Unite Mixte de Physique CNRS/Thales Universite Paris-Saclay, France)
TMD Engineering of 2D-Magnetic Tunnel Junctions - From Barriers to Electrodes
Daniel Burrow (University of Manchester, UK)
Investigating ballistic transport via 1D graphene/FM spin injectors
Isaac Craig (UC Berkeley, USA)
Local atomic stacking and symmetry in twisted graphene trilayers
Dennis de Wal (University of Groningen, The Netherlands)
Long distance all electrical magnon transport in the van der Waals antiferromagnet CrPS4
Antoine Honet (University of Namur, Belgium)
Correlation effects on topological end-states in finite-size armchair graphene nanoribbons
Satakshi Pandey (CNRS, IPCMS, University of Strasbourg, France)
Room-temperature proximity-induced Anomalous Hall Effect in Graphene Coupled to A Ferromagnetic EuO
Qing Rao (The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR)
Ballistic transport in graphene on WSe2
Anna Seiler (University of Göttingen, Germany)
Correlated phases near the van Hove singularity in trigonally warped bilayer graphene
Jesus Carlos Toscano Figueroa (The University of Manchester, UK)
Spin injection control in High quality Graphene 1D-contact systems
Libor Vojácek (SPINTEC, France)
Spin transport in CrXY monolayers: multiscale computational study
  Parallel Track 2 (PhD students)
Rica Asrosa (University College London, UK)
A graphene nanoplatelet-polydopamine molecularly imprinted biosensor for ultratrace creatinine detection
Rossella Galli (CNR- IMM, Italy)
Sensitive Piezoresistive sensors made of Graphene-based 3D ordered porous structures for wearable electronic
Onurcan Kaya (ICN2, Spain)
Impact of Carbon and Hydrogen Doping on Stability and Mechanical Properties of Amorphous Boron Nitride
HaEun Lee (Seoul National University, South Korea)
A Spin-Coatable Dry Transfer Method of 2D Materials
Wei Li (TU Dresden, Germany)
Structural properties of twisted transition metal dichalcogenides heterobilayers
Alberto Martinez Jodar (INCAR-CSIC, Spain)
Electrochemical Functionalization of 2H-Phase MoS2 nanosheets towards Enhanced Catalytic Applications
Michael Reynolds (Queensland University of Technology, Australia)
Synthesis of Hydrogen and Fluorine Passivated Diamanes from Graphene on Silicon Carbide
Swastik Sahoo (IIT BOMBAY, India)
2D Xenes for Straintronics
Mohamed Soliman (Universite De Strasbourg, France)
Photo-ferroelectric all-van der walls neuromorphic device
Huifeng Tian (Peking University, China)
Structure-Property Relationship in Amorphous Monolayer Carbon
  Parallel Track 3 (PhD students)
Pauline Castenetto (University of Namur, Belgium)
Effects of disorder in the electronic properties of monolayers and nanoribbons MoS2
Eva Desgué (THALES Research & Technology, France)
Study of PtSe2 synthesis by molecular beam epitaxy for high frequency optoelectronics
Giuseppe Meneghini (Philipps University of Marburg, Germany)
Ultrafast phonon-driven charge transfer in van der Waals heterostructures
Ramasamy Murugesan (KU Leuven, Belgium)
First-principles modelling of graphene-atomic cluster interactions
Zixing Peng (The University of Manchester, UK)
Fully Printed 2D Material-based Heterostructures: from Memristic to Hysteresis Effects
Nikolaos Samartzis (FORTH/ICE-HT, Greece)
Laser-assisted synthesis of porous graphene-like structures for electrochemical energy storage
Aurélien Schmitt (LPENS-CNRS, France)
High-field 1/f noise in hBN-encapsulated graphene transistors
Marin Tharrault (LPENS, France)
Optical Absorption Spectroscopy of Exfoliated Few Layer PtSe2
Che Chen Tho (Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore)
Cataloguing MoSi2N4 and WSi2N4 van der Waals Heterostructures: An Exceptional Material Platform for Excitonic Solar Cell Applications
Jingyi Zhang (University of Glasgow, UK)
Photolithography fabrication of CVD 2H-MoTe2 field effect transistors
  Industrial Forum
Cosimo Anichini (Bedimensional S.p.A, Italy)
Graphene reinforced thermoplastic polymer composites for the transport sector
Paul Brunet (CEA, France)
Full wafer-scale characterization method for 2D materials: on the way to 300 mm integration
Natasha Conway (Paragraf, UK)
Scaling the production of high-quality graphene devices for sensing applications
Jakob Heier (Empa, Switzerland)
A universal approach for formulation of additive-free 2D material-based inks for room-temperature printing of electronics
Li Lin (Peking University, China)
Crack- and contamination-free transfer of graphene films
Pierre Morin (IMEC: Interuniversitair Micro-Elektronica Centrum, France)
Growing transition metal dichalcogenides into industrial reactors, achievements and remaining challenges after processing more than thousands 300mm wafers
Kazuo Muramatsu (Incubation Alliance, Inc., Japan)
Mass Synthesis and Application of Graphene Flower and Graphene-Related Products
Rym Soltani (Carbon Waters, France)
Liquid graphene dispersions: formulation of a multipurpose additive
Makoto Teshigawara (Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Japan)
Nano-sized graphene material development for neutron intensity enhancement below cold neutrons
Dan Xu (Ningbo Graphene Innovation Center Co., Ltd., China)
Development of Chinese Graphene Industry and NGIC
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