Getting to Grenoble


Three airports at the edge of the city


Every winter, millions of tourists came from the entire Europe to practice winter sports; Grenoble’s airport is THE ideal platform for all your travelling projects, in the heart of the Alps.

Offering different low cost airlines, travelling through the United Kingdom and Northern Europe has never been so easy.

Map of European destination

Its geographical location is close to the biggest trunk roads, giving the opportunity to reach the ski resorts of Isere within an hour and Grenoble’s inner center in 30 minutes. His position as an air terminal makes easier its access.

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Only 55 min way from the city center of Grenoble, the airport of Lyon allows an arrival on the territory from the entire Europe.

With a considerable network of shuttles, notably Ouibus et Flixbus or with shuttles, transfers to reach Grenoble-Alps Metropolis have never been so easy.

More information on the Lyon’s airport.


1h45 from the city center of Grenoble, Geneva’s airport offers numerous flights to come and go. No time to loose, come to discover the wealth of the city thanks to a significant frequency of shuttles between Geneva and Grenoble.

More information on Geneva’s airport


Grenoble-Alps metropolis offers a territory of 49 towns almost all covered by the SNCF network. Get your displacements quicker and more effective thanks to the TER from the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes network. Daily frequency!

To book online, in advance your tickets.

 TGV per day, linking Paris to Grenoble, no more reason to do not come to visit the place! The city is innovative, dynamic and contains numerous historical secrets. Daily TGV lines offer a quality travel to easily reach the capital of the Alps.

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Coming by bus has never been so easy
. Numerous bus networks developed in the last couple of years and served lots of stops, at departure and at the arrival from the biggest European cities.


  • Confortable sits, snacks and drinks, WIFI and sockets.
  • Luggages : until 20 kgs ; 7 kgs by hand
  • 1400 European destinations at the departure of the biggest cities in France, including Grenoble.

Everything for a very low price and you could even get discount for groups or specific situations!

More information on Flixbus


  • On board: indivual lighting, A/C, toilets, footrest
  • 4300 journeys in Europe including numerous stops in Grenoble
  • No more need to get a paper ticket everything is done online
  • Possibility to modify your reservation 30 minutes before the bus leaves.

In group, alone or in duo, you could enjoy a low cost trip favoring cultural exchanges!

More information on Ouibus


  • On board : tablet, e-reader, wifi and USB plug.
  • Two free luggages of 20 kgs in the baggage hold + one by hand
  • Numerous arrivals per day in the station of Grenoble!
  • Numerous destinations at the departure of Grenoble

Benefit from a made to measure trip night and day, book on board by phone or online.

More information on Isilines


  • On board : reclining sits, air conditioned, lighting, toilets, radio and micro TV + a WIFI access on the biggest lines
  • At the departure of the biggest European cities but also in Morocco, come in Grenoble!
  • Made to measure prices depending on your profil of traveller.

Eurolines is bringing you beyond the borders!

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 Getting around Grenoble

Taxis of Grenoble and from the Grenoble’s suburban area are available 24/7. Nothing is easier to reach the place you’re staying in or to discover the city
  • Taxi in Grenoble’s airport
  • Taxi in Geneva’s airport
  • Taxi in Lyon Saint-Exupéry’s airport
  • Taxi in Grenoble’s train station
  • Taxi for ski resorts
  • Private and public hospitals’ Taxis in Grenoble

To ask for your taxi

  • Taxi grenoblois
    Tel. 04 76 54 42 54
  • Taxis de la banlieue grenobloise
    Tèl. 04 76 54 17 18

    URBAN TRANSPORT NETWORK Park'n'ride, 1 day travel tickets (Visitag), family tickets (Tribu), find out the most practical way to travel with the T.A.G !


  • 5 tram lines, 36 bus lines, 18 park & ride spots, so easy to get around the urban area !

    > Ticket  1 trip : 1.5€

    > Ticket 10 trips : 13.40€

    > Visitag 1 day : 5€

    > Visitag 3 days : 12€

    To find out more information on which option will fit you the best or to check out the network’s map click here !


    Mobile Station : a handy tool to help you getting from one place to another, simple as ABC !
    With StationMobile check out timetables, traffic, itinerary, smartphone users...

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 More Info: www.grenoble-tourisme.com